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Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving is here!!

Posted by: DiscountMugs



Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for family, friends and all of the blessings you have received. This is also a time to be grateful for all of your clients and employees who have been loyal to your over the years. Discount Mugs would like to thank each and every one of you for being loyal customers and allowing us to be a part of your special events through the years.  This time of year is also quite chilly so weather appropriate gifts are also a must.  Discount Mugs has such a large selection of promotional products that you can’t go wrong with any gift you choose. Allow us to give you some popular ideas.




Custom printed mugs are always the ideal gift for any event or occasion. Soup and coffee mugs are great for this time of year since everyone is trying to stay warm and curled up with some tea or hot chocolate. Find mugs that come in autumn colors like orange, red, brown and yellow.  Try out our 5000- Bistro Coffee Mug. These mugs are great for thanksgiving because of their design and color schemes. You…

Discount Mugs Knows Tailgate

Posted by: DiscountMugs

dmtailgateDiscount Mugs Knows Tailgate

Located in Miami, FL – Discount Mugs knows how to dominate the parking lot. We know you are passionate about tailgating and what’s more, we want you to do it right. It’s right about that time when you round up with your friends and family, cheer in and out the field, and get busy making sure tailgating as we know it no longer exists – thus we bring you a different approach to ensure your experience is seen from space. We’ve taken the time creating and perfecting ideas you’ll love, and bring out your passionate side for the ultimate experience this season.

1. Tailgate in Style 

A social event that calls for the barbecue master in you – accompanied by your own beer, this is the perfect event to bring forth the die-hard football fan hiding beneath the surface. Yes, we who know who you are, and we know every game is a national holiday for you. Break out the outfit, the war paint, the spirit and level the playing field with custom printed koozies and can coolers to remind your opponents they’re not in Kansas anymore.

2. Show Us…

School is in session

Posted by: DiscountMugs

back to school ig

It’s back to school time already.  So that means it’s time to stock up on supplies for the new year.  One of the first things you will need is a backpack. We have several different back styles to choose from. We have drawstring backpacks, messenger bags, duffel bags and classic backpacks. Drawstring bags are great for game day and sporting events. They have enough room to fit everything you need and not take up too much space in the stands. Messenger bags are ideal if you have to carry a laptop or tablet around campus. Duffel bags are not just great for the gym but also for extracurricular activities like sports or band practice.

Flash drives are another essential back to school item. We have anywhere from 1GB all the way to 32GB depending on what you will be using them for. If you’re taking a graphic or coding class a flash drive will become your best friend. There are different styles of flash drives including card, key, swivel and wristband. A card flash drive is a card with a usb attached to it. You can…

Fun in the sun accessory: Sunglasses

Posted by: DiscountMugs

The sun is finally creeping its head out from that cold winter season.  That means fun in the sun and vacations. One of the main accessories you need is sunglasses. They not only serve as protection from the sun but they also make a fashion statement.  Sunglasses come in so many designs it can be very hard to choose. Here at Discount Mugs we carry all the latest designs and styles. We also have glow in the dark glasses. If you thought that we couldn’t customize sunglasses due to their size, we have good news for you, we can!


Every style of sunglass is special. Take the SGL07, these sunglasses are foldable. We also offer a carrying pouch for when you’re not using them. If you’re looking for modern sunglasses then look no further than the SGL12.  These Newport sunglasses even have a unique tortoise design. If you like to surf and stay out on the water, the SGL02 are the perfect pair of sunglasses for you. These surfside glasses are made with durable materials so they can handle the waves of the ocean.

One of our funkiest sunglasses is the WCLIT75. This pair of sunglasses has a unique…

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