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2024 Early Spring Catalog

Spring Into Savings with DiscountMugs: Early Spring Catalog

Looking to put a little spring in the step of your company’s branded giveaways? Want to prepare for this season’s conferences and trade shows with something other than the usual promotional items? DiscountMugs is here to help!

Now that spring has sprung, it’s time for a refresh in more ways than one, starting with the products that your branded giveaways. Ready for some suggestions? Let’s explore some outside-the-box ideas that are sure to excite your customers this spring.

Spring Festival Giveaways

Spring isn’t just a time when the grass starts to grow, and flowers begin to bloom. It’s also the time of year that festivals start popping up. There’s nothing quite like the traditional Spring Fling or Springfest held by colleges around the country. If you want to set up a table for a business and give out useful items emblazoned with your logo, consider sunglasses, t-shirts, and branded water bottles, as well as baseball caps. Other items that students will appreciate? These handy crossbody shoulder bags, can coolers, and various school supplies. Students love freebies and these can be some of the best ways to promote your brand. 

Sustainable & Fun Spring Products

There’s more to spring than just celebrations on college campuses. This time of year also rings in things like farmer’s markets, which welcome everything sustainable. Want to find the best giveaways for farmer’s markets? Reusable tote bags are ideal for customers to carry their groceries and at the same time, they will serve as a lasting reminder of your brand. 

In addition to practical items like reusable tote bags, we also offer other popular items that add a touch of fun to your spring promotions! Picnic blankets are a perennial favorite, perfect for outdoor gatherings and leisurely days in the sun. Consider adding outdoor games like frisbees to your lineup for a playful twist that will resonate with your audience's springtime spirit. And don't overlook essentials like towels, sunscreen, and drawstring backpacks, necessary companions for any outdoor adventure.

Join the Metal Cup Crew

Have you heard about the metal cup trend? Who hasn’t? These cups, which usually come with lids and handles, are large enough to hold a whole lot of coffee, juice, or water. If you want to jump on this “trend train” in your own way, then look no further than these handy metal travel mugs

You can hand them out as freebies at company parties, including one or two in a raffle at a trade show (which is also a great way to obtain contact info for potential customers), or give it to your most valuable customers. Imagine seeing people sharing your company’s logo with the world while enjoying a spring stroll through the park. 

Prepare for Spring Trade Shows

Trade shows and spring weather often go hand in hand. After all, who wants to travel during the snowy winter months? If you’re ready to start representing your company at these events, you’ll need some memorable items to hand out to the crowd. Consider useful items like AC adapters and earbuds, as well as those perpetual favorites, like pens and notepads. If you want to make a splash, consider gifting logo-laden custom luggage tags, travel cases, and more. All of these things will help those in attendance remember your business’ name and drive sales your way. 

On a Budget? Check Out Our Spring Sales Products

At DiscountMugs, we understand that not every business has a large promotional budget. If you’re worried about not being able to afford the cool products that you see other companies handing out, don’t fret, just head to our clearance items on page 23 to choose from our discounted products, to help make your spring promo product refresh both affordable and notable. 

Why Choose DiscountMugs?

If you’re looking to refresh your company’s stash of branded goodies and giveaways, look no further than DiscountMugs. We carry over 7,000 products in 30+ categories ready to be customized with your logo or message. Personalizing is easy. Go to our design lab, upload your artwork, or select from our pre-designed clipart and template ideas. We provide full-color printing capabilities and offer a low minimum order quantity and fast, free shipping on most items.   Start your spring refresh off right this year with DiscountMugs, your one-stop shop for promotional products!  

Ready to elevate your spring promotions and captivate your audience? Download our Early Spring Catalog now to discover the ideal products for your branding needs and make this season truly remarkable.


DiscountMugs Early Spring Catalog

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