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Bandage Dispenser and Cases Custom Printed with Your Logo

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Available in a variety of colors that include red, purple, green, blue, white, orange, black, yellow, clear, pink and other shades that are sure to accommodate to your advertising theme, our promotional products are the number one choice in the country. With thousands of items you can choose from, we guarantee that promoting your business will never again be a strain or hard work. Simply browse our catalog, and select that which will most effectively represent your business, services and products. Taking into consideration the needs of our clients, we bring your everyday cheap prices that allow you to adhere to your allotted budget. Order with us and get on the road to success.

With a variety of wellness products in stock, we ask you to consider our unique bandage dispensers and kits. Browse uniquely shaped cases and shop pattern bandages that are sure to be a hit among a number of your target audience. Everyday items that your customers will keep close to them, you’ll never again will be hassled by unnecessary airtimes and spot fees that drive your spends thousands of dollars in advertisement. Because our priority is…

Wholesale Fleece Blankets and Throws Personalized for Promotional Events

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Promoting your business can prove to be one of the most arduous tasks. With an overwhelming sea of sites offering you deals that are often too good to be true, you may soon turn to despair and settle for less than standard quality of promotional products that may in turn hurt the reputation of your business. At DiscountMugs.com we understand customer satisfaction, thrive in providing our customers with top brand items and furthermore, want to help you in your search for the perfect advertising tools. With thousands of items in stock, we are certain that you will find that which accommodates to your marketing campaign. Browse our catalog now, and delight in everyday items that will become essential to those you present them to.

Great for outdoor events that may include picnics and company gatherings across the plane, our wholesale fleece blankets will immediately become the talk of your party. Available in colors that include black, burgundy, green, gray, orange, pink, purple, red, blue, yellow, brown and other shades, animal prints, stripes and plaid patterns, these are sure to fit your needs. Order personalized with your logo design and brand name, and distribute among clients and employees alike. Welcome…

Personalized Coffee Mugs for Your Business or Events

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If you’re in need of personalized coffee mugs, the best place to find them is right here at DiscountMugs. We specialize in offering the best selection of top quality ceramic mugs at the lowest discount prices. You can order a set of 12 for gifts or get them in bulk for your business or upcoming events. We have classic designs as well as our unique styles which include our bistro mugs, c handle mugs, diner mugs, espresso cups, glass mugs, latte mugs, spooner mugs, two tone mugs and our exclusive collection of vitrified porcelain mugs. Depending on which ones you end up choosing, they come in a variety of great color options. Some of our colors include red, black, white, yellow, orange, beige, brown, purple, pink and blue. They are also completely customizable and you can get them printed or laser engraved with any artwork or text.


For hospitality businesses, our wholesale coffee mugs are perfect. Whether you own a restaurant, diner, hotel or coffee shop, these mugs can be just what you need. Use them to serve your customers with the utmost style and sophistication….

Custom Cell Phone Chargers and Technology Items for Your Events

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Available in a number of colors, shapes and designs that are sure to get your business the recognition you seek, our newly added custom cell phone chargers and adapters will immediately become essential to your promotional campaign. Sure to attract a number of your target audience, these help you identify with your clients, and extend them with favors and gifts that will become part of their everyday lives. Promote on the go and distribute our personalized tools at trade shows, conventions and other events of the like. Enjoy of the immediate success, and get started on your order today.

In our catalog of cheap phone chargers you will find port chargers, auto and wall adapters, power banks, travel adapters, cable and key rig chargers, dual USB ports, phone stands and converting adapters, and much more. Select form colors that include white, black, silver, blue, green, red, purple, orange and pink, and customize your marketing strategy according to the theme of your events, or the shades that comprise the colors of your company logo design. Mix and match with the help of our online interface, and make the most of your upcoming events.

Take advantage of our everyday inexpensive prices, and…

Custom T-shirts Personalized for Your Special Events

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cat-gildan-ultra-blend-tee-g8000DiscountMugs.com is the leading wholesale retailer of promotional products in the country. With thousands of items in stock, we carry the largest inventory, and guarantee your utmost satisfaction with every purchase. Specializing in the personalization of your advertising products, we invite you to browse our catalog of custom t-shirts and tees. These are effective, low-cost tools that will soon jumpstart your business onto the next level of marketing, thus sending you off onto the road to success. Available wholesale our shirts guarantee that every one of the members of your target audience receives a token of your appreciation without ever overspending on your allotted budget.

Our wearable tools increase your brand awareness, thus further expanding your market reach and recognition. Establish your services and products among already existing and new customers, and ensure the growth of your company with corporate t-shirts that can be worn at a number of your special events, or become part of your employee every day wear. Manufactured with durable materials that include 110% Cotton, polyester and more, our products include top brand names like Hanes, Anvil, Gildan, Champion, Delta Apparel, New Balance, Bella Canvas and…

Easter Favors for Your Business Events, Family Gatherings or Church Services

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Easter is approaching and for those of the Christian faith, it’s an important time of the year.  Here at DiscountMugs we offer thousands of customizable products you can use for your Easter favors. Whether you’re a company looking to promote during this holiday or you’re just looking for products to personalize for your Easter gathering, we have everything you may need. You can even choose most of our items in pastel colors so that they can go with the Easter theme. We have products such as candy jars, pens, tote bags, ceramic coffee mugs, acrylic tumblers, sports bottles, glassware, travel mugs, t-shirts and caps. These are all customizable to fit each individual’s needs. Plus you can’t beat our everyday low prices.


If your company is looking for new ways to advertise, especially during this holiday, you can get our Easter favors to use as a marketing tool. They can be handed out at trade shows, conventions, conferences or other corporate events. It’s a great way to promote your business and services to all of your customers and clients. Maybe you own a store and you just want…

Custom T-Shirts for Your Business or Special Occasion

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DiscountMugs offers a wide selection of custom t-shirts. We not only carry the top brand names in apparel, but we have them available for our customers at the lowest discount prices. Some of our shirts are from manufacturers such as Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, Jerzees, Anvil, Hanes, Delta, Next Level and Calvin Klein. There are adult sizes as well as youth sizes. These customizable t-shirts also come in a variety of color options, depending on the design you choose. Some of our colors include red, purple, green, black, white, pink, yellow and orange. We even have tie-dye options. They can be printed with any customization you want. Use them for your businesses or your personal events.


If your business is looking to grow and gain exposure, they will love using our printed t-shirts. You can order them in bulk to use for big corporate events. They’re great and popular for trade shows, conventions, conferences, charity walks and other promotional events. Using apparel is a great way to get your company noticed. Your customers and clients will be out and about wearing your logo and promoting your…

Personalized Can Coolers Cheap with Your Custom Logo

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09e1bff6c024142db279e3c915e4c580cat-collapsible-wedding-can-cooler-kzw82-navy-blueSummer days are coming ahead, and DiscountMugs.com brings you custom can coolers you can order personalized with your logo design and special message, in order to further promote your brand, services and products. Available in a range of styles and designs that are sure to accommodate to your advertising theme, these popular promotional products will immediately become essential to your marketing efforts. Take advantage of everyday cheap wholesale prices and our 110% price match guarantee, and delight in unbeatable prices that you’ll find virtually impossible to beat. We promise to match any of our competitor’s prices and still beat them by and extra ten percent.

Ideal for parties, anniversaries, weddings and other celebratory events of the like, our add your photo can coolers are here to save the day. These can be printed with full color pictures of your own, so you can easily present your family and friends with memorable keepsakes of your special occasion. Available in a number of shapes that are sure to accommodate to your needs, our inventory holds 12 to 24 oz. can coolers, beer bottle sleeves, foam water bottle insulators and coffee cup wraps…

Cheap Prom Favors Personalized for Your Classmates

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IMG_8728With prom season approaching, you want to make sure you kick off your big event with great decorative items and favors. DiscountMugs offers a wide selection of cheap prom favors you can choose from. There are thousands of products in our inventory which you can customize and make them your own unique personalized gifts. We offer glassware, keychains, notebooks, tote bags, mugs, t-shirts, caps, pens, tumblers, sunglasses and much more. These can all be customized with any designs or text. With our everyday low prices and free shipping offers, you will be sure to find your prom favors or decorations with us. You can also add great colors to your favors and gifts that can go with the theme of your prom. Some of our colors include: black, red, purple, green, white, blue, yellow, orange and pink.


Everyone loves to make a big deal about prom. Everything should be as memorable as possible. With our unique prom favors, you will surely be giving everyone something meaningful they can use throughout the years. One of our popular items is our glassware selection. We offer regular drinking…

Promotional Caps for Your Advertising Events and More

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washed-cotton-twill-sandwich-visor-caps-cap40Spring is already here, and soon summer will come knocking at your door. DiscountMugs.com holds the largest inventory in the country of promotional products that can all be personalized with your logo design and special message in order to get your business finally noticed. Make the most out of your upcoming advertising events, and browse our catalog of outing gear to make your picnics and others of the like events that your target audience won’t soon forget. With virtually the lowest prices in the market we guarantee that you’ll save tons on your allotted budget. Take advantage of our 110% price match guarantee and order with us today.

Available in a number of colors that include red, blue, white, black, gray, orange, khaki, purple, green, pink, burgundy, brown and other shades and color combinations that are sure to accommodate to our marketing theme, our custom caps are items that will never go out of style. Order printed or embroidered according to your needs or the nature of your items of choice and get started on your order today. Receive in time for your events, and watch your sales take on…


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