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The Hottest New Item from DiscountMugs: Crystal Awards!

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DiscountMugs.com is always growing and evolving to better serve you. We noticed there is a high demand for awards, so what did we do? We started to carry them just for you! These are not just any awards, these are crystal awards. Our collection of crystals and awards are so elegant and refined they will surely get the recognition you seek. Available at the lowest prices in the market, you can order these in bulk or even a single award. And the best thing is these can be laser engraved with your logo design and special message. Follow the link above and start shopping now!

These awards come in a variety of shapes and size. We have classic style awards that can fit any occasion or event. These include oval, round, and spear just to name a few. We also have some unique shape designs that inlcude star, curved and crescent awards. These can also be used at any event in order to recognize the hard work and effort of your most valued employees. Some of our crystals feature a jade glass luxurious tint of green for a more refined finished, and others feature blue accents that are…

Promotional Products for End of Year Holidays

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We are so close to the end of the year and with that comes colder weather and lots of holiday parties. This is the perfect time to promote your business or have personalized party favors while still saving money. So where do you start the search for these great products? Well right here at DiscountMugs.com of course!! We have thousands of products to choose from that will be sure to fit your needs and your budget. They can also be used year round, now that is a great investment.

The first holiday quickly approaching is Thanksgiving. This is a time to get together with the family, have a nice dinner and of course watch some football. We have plenty of customizable favors like can coolers, hats, and stadium cups. We also have elegant dinnerware items to set your gorgeous Thanksgiving dinner on. These items can even be engraved and reused year round for other events. Some other great products to use while watching the big game are beer steins and rock glasses. These are great for any beverage and are sure to withstand the game day celebrations.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way. That’s right next up we…

Promotional Products for the Upcoming October Festivities

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Have you been keeping up with DisocuntMugs.com? As our already large inventory of promotional products continues to grow, and the holiday season nears, we invite your to browse our catalog and find that which more closely accommodates to your special needs. The upcoming months bring business across the field a number of occasions to further expand their brand, by providing customers and employees with allegorical items that will therefore remind them of their services and products. Can’t think of what to do? Simply take advantage of October and its packed schedule to take a ride down the marketing lane.

The first and most immediate, it’s of course breast cancer awareness and the month long opportunity to grow closer to a number of your already established and prospect clients. Our large library of pink themed items can all be personalized with your logo design and brand name, of your can select to order printed or engraved with other heart felt memes that will remind the special women in your life about your tender love and support. Aside from our numerous color themed items, your may also find representation of the iconic pink ribbon in the form of stress relievers, carabiners,…

Back to School Notebooks and More

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540340_NOT13-detailIdeal for the upcoming back to school season and a number of other promotional events, our custom printed notebooks and notepads are sure to get your business the attention it deserves. Personalized notebooks can be custom printed with your school name, brand names, logos, custom artwork and much more. Order in time for the first day of school and distribute amongst students and staff members, or hand out at tradeshows conventions, corporate meetings and the like, in order to further promote your services and products. Also ideal for birthday parties other similar celebrations, our customized products are certain to be conversation starters at your events. Present your guests with unique items that will immediately draw attention to your affairs.

A popular item amongst students of all ages, these cheap notebooks and notepads are must-have essential to learning. Benefit from the available wholesale amounts, and purchase bulk writing utensils that gear up your students for the upcoming year. Also customizable with school club names, mascot and motto, promotional notebooks will soon prove to be ideal welcome gifts. Planner and organizers are also popular amongst schools and universities. Help you student mass…

Custom Flying Discs with Your Logo Design

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9-25-in-solid-color-flying-disc-fd09fFlying discs are a fun novelties that integrate family and friendship into everyday pastimes. Enjoyed both outdoors and indoors, this is a non-competitive game that will inevitably lead joy and relaxation. Sometimes referred to as Frisbees, these plastic discs are designed to soar long distances, cutting through the air with aerodynamic construction that facilitates its hovering. Great for parks, beaches, and gyms, these can also be a part of your trips to the dog park and the like. An amusing diversion that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and sizes, wholesale flying discs are a great for a number of different events and functions that may include company parties barbeques and giveaways, get-togethers, or even local school events. A great way to help with team-building exercises, Frisbees complement other recreational occasions like your local soccer match, football tailgate parties, and much more.

The designing of a business event or company party can turn into difficult tasks, especially if it need be family oriented. Having enough activities to keep your guests comfortably occupied, will guarantee the success of your events. Food is a good first step; a catered party…

Custom Keychains for Promotional Giveaways and More

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teachers-apple-key-chain-key57Businesses are constantly trying new and exciting ways to promote their services. Whether you are trying to advertise and raise awareness for your company, or just simply trying to move merchandize in your start up store, custom keychains are some of the most sought out items in the market. Personalized items your can extend clients and employees, these will remain part of their everyday lives. Popular among peoples of all ages, these will become loyal friends entrusted with the keys to their homes, office and more. Great for tradeshows, conventions, conferences or other promotional giveaway, our custom keychains are just what you need to expand your clientele and leave a lasting impression about your company.

Promotional keychains have proven to be a cost-effective advertising strategy among a number of fields. You can purchase our items in bulk and at everyday low prices all the while getting the attention and recognition you seek. With hundreds of different unique designs and types of customizable keychains, you may select from bottle opener keychains, carabiner keychains, flashlight keychains and even photo keychains with all sorts of shapes such that include hearts, stars, trucks and…

Custom Jute Tote Bags Personalized for Your Events

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jute-panel-tote-bags-tot24Tote bags are extremely popular because of their practicality and convenience. Companies typically purchase totes in bulk to use as promotional products during advertising events that may include trade shows, conferences and conventions.  These help them present their guests with everyday items that further help them remember their services and products. Custom tote bags are user friendly and reusable, and make great marketing tools for any business under the sun. With the many different types of tote bags available in the market, selecting that which is right for you can sometimes prove to be a difficult task.

Because they are eco-friendly and can be reused over and over again, one of the most ideal ones are the ones manufactured with jute fiber. Not just reusable, these are also recyclable and biodegradable, thus making them an instant hit amongst consumers everywhere. Getting personalized jute bags may be a great move on your part. These can help you make a great long-lasting impression on both your customers and employees. You can get them printed with your logo and hand them out at a number of your events as sole giveaway items…

Personalized Tote Bags Wholesale with Logo Design

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bag-n-candlesIf in the market for customizable items that further boost your marketing strategy consider purchasing our personalized tote bags and other promotional bags.  A favorite among many, these are sure to get your business the recognition you long for. With great styles for men, women and children, you can add your personal touch to a number of totes, duffel bags, shopping bags, gift bags and more. Create your own custom bags and present your clients with promotional items that are sure to simplify their lifestyle. Monogrammed or printed with your images of choice, these can all be personalized with your brand name, custom logo, graphics and texts, thus promoting your brand to expand the recognition of your services and products.

Welcomed at tradeshows, conventions, and promotional events across the field, corporate events and more, your personalized tote bags are certain to reach out to a number of your already established and prospect clients. Advertising is essential to the success of your business, thus customizable items that constantly remind your clients about your identity are vital to building and effective and affordable campaign. Only invest in high quality products that are…

Koozies ® and Can Coolers for Your Upcoming Events

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SKZC20257Are you struggling to get your business noticed? Have your tried expensive media advertisement but have seen only fruitless results? It’s time to say goodbye to conventional tools, and switch over to more relatable marketing strategies that really get the attention of your target audience. Your business image is key to your success, and so finding the correct tool may sometimes prove to be a difficult task. Because the virtual world now grows exponentially with every passing hour, and a world lacking connectivity is no longer something to found in fictional books and things of the past, people are now looking for ways to reconnect with the physical world. Try our Norwood Brand Koozies and discount can coolers and get on the road to promotional success.

Interpersonal relations now play a higher role in business marketing, and so getting through to your target audience may sometimes sound scary and difficult to achieve. No longer fear rejection form your market; At DiscountMug.com we have found that simple and everyday items stay longer with your audience, thus establishing a name of your own. If in the market for promotional tools that do not…

Color Tote Bags Wholesale for your Promotional Occasions

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two-tone-tote-bag1Available in a rainbow of colors that are sure to accommodate to your advertising efforts, our personalized tote bags are ideal for a number of your special occasions. Take advantage of our everyday cheap wholesale prices, and order with us now in order to receive in time for your promotional events. With a 110% price match guarantee that ensures you receive the lowest prices in the market, and our everyday Free Shipping offer, we promise that you’ll find our offers virtually unable to beat. Simply browse our catalog of custom tote bags now, and get on the road to success with tools that will soon save you hundreds of dollars on your allotted budget.

Manufactured with durable and environmentally friendly materials that include cotton, jute and non-woven, our green tote bags come in a variety of styles and designs that will immediately get the attention of those you present them to.  Available in two and three tone designs that are sure to stand out among a sea of other promotional items, our totes are great Green organizations looking to get their name finally noticed. Celebrate Earth day with these stylish…


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