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Winter Weddings: Treats and Drink Ideas To Warm Up During the Reception

There is no celebration quite like a winter wedding. Compliments of nature itself, this is a magical time when the season brings a bit of chill to the air and a beautiful backdrop for your precious memories. Friends and family who gather to witness your connection, won’t mind the colder temperatures as they take part in your special day - and I’m sure you will find yourselves hoping for a light snow to trickle just at the right time. All the more why it's wise to plan ahead, and think of ways to keep your guests warm with drink ideas to ward off the chills. Set the stage for a winter wonderland of love, and enjoy your day.

While you plan and pay attention to the many details that come along with the ceremony and reception, you’re sure to find an abundance of winter wedding ideas on social media sites, in bridal magazines, and all across event blogs.

The reality is, not one wedding will be like yours. Nor will a single idea fit all the needs of your unique inspiration to meet your style and taste exactly. You may be handling all of the plans on your own, or you may have the help of friends or even a wedding planner - whichever way you choose to implement these ideas, your winter celebration can be festive and fun with themed recipes and cocktails.

Here are some fun, innovative cocktails and non-alcoholic drink ideas that are perfect for the colder season.

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Personalized Mason Jars, Discount MugsCozy Up to Tasty Treats

Whether you're planning a small dessert reception or a large sit-down dinner, an outdoor ceremony near your home or a destination wedding, winter wedding recipes to keep guests warm and happy will have to be on the menu. For dessert options, consider something outside the box such as:

  • Swapping a traditional wedding cake for a sweets table with retro classics like banana cream pie and chocolate malted milkshakes. Don’t forget some fun straws!

  • Serving desserts in a jar, either at the reception or for friends to take home as treats; present them in personalized mason jars to make them extra special. Decorate the mason jars with either your monogram or with a winter-themed design.

  • Setting up an elegant and beautiful table of doughnuts with delicious glazes and toppings or having a s’mores bar as a main dessert. Grab a marshmallow and gather around!

In addition to tasty sweet treats for guests, the beverage options can really allow your creativity to shine as you think about all of the fun alternatives to wine and punch. Take a look at these ideas for inspiration or try your own twist on some familiar favorites. While you are deciding on the best option, don’t forget to make a few and taste them for yourself before the big day; after all, sampling is part of the fun!

Custom Glass Mugs, Discount MugsWinter Drinks for Everyone

For guests of all ages, there are many creative ideas when it comes to your winter wonderland drink selection. A hot chocolate bar complete with warm milk (remember to include alternatives for the lactose-intolerant), cocoa in flavors like milk, white, and dark chocolate, and yummy toppings like whipped cream is something families can enjoy together. Consider a hot apple cider alternative for the non-chocolate lovers, and add a side of doughnut holes or cookies for dunking. A coffee bar, complete with flavored creamers or syrups, could also be a great addition to the alcohol-free selection during your ceremony.

Another delicious beverage option would be a variety of sparkling juices or a cozy autumn chiller, a mix of orange juice, non-alcoholic ginger beer, apple cider, and frozen fruit. Treat each guest to beverage holders they can take with them, which saves on waste and serves as a creative favor to remind them of the day. Whatever you choose, winter wedding recipes are as varied and unique as you are!

Engraved Shot Glasses, Discount MugsDelicious Selections from the Bar

Grown-ups can appreciate cocktails specially crafted for the chilly season. Along with classic hot toddies and mulled ciders, there are many other unique combinations which can be served up as alternatives. These celebratory drinks will warm the adult crowd from the inside out. Serve them as a pre-ceremony treat or during the reception-or both!

  • Cherry Thyme Champagne Cocktail, is a unique and elegant drink to celebrate the new couple. When it comes time to toast, you can opt to have your guest raise beautifully engraved shot glasses for a twist on the traditional champagne flutes.
  • Nothing is quite as festive as the blue CoCo Snowball, which is as pretty as it is delicious. The coconut rim is reminiscent of a winter wonderland and is sure to get guests in the spirit in no time!
  • Does it get any better than a Nutella Melt? The classic chocolate spread combined with cream and sugar will definitely be a hit. Make them even more festive when you serve them in personalized campfire mugs. Customize with the couple's’ initials and wedding date for a festive touch!

Campfire Mugs, Discount MugsChoosing the Very Best to Celebrate Your Day

There are many options for creating the perfect wedding ceremony and reception. From delicious eats to tasty drinks for all guests, winter wedding recipes are truly unique to the season. For every budget and every style, there are a variety of ideas just waiting for your personal touch.

From décor to food and guest lists to color schemes, there is much to think about and many decisions to be made. No matter how you choose to celebrate your day, remember that it’s all about you and the person you love. You can make it as elaborate or as simple as you want it to be, and though the ceremony will come to an end, the memories of your celebration will last a lifetime.


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