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How to create pintrest worthy wedding favors

How to Create Pinterest-Worthy Customized Wedding Favors

Our world is ever changing. We see it in the clothes we wear, the way we communicate and connect. Technology is one of those industries that continues to advance rapidly, and these days it’s easy to see more and more brides and grooms turning to the internet for inspiration. Pinterest is perhaps the most well-known source for visual brainstorming available to couples today.

According to the 2014 American Wedding Study, over 60% of brides surveyed said they use Pinterest as a tool to assemble inspirational photos for their special day.

This comes as no surprise, of course. Planning a wedding requires time, vision, and inspiration, and Pinterest is known for its infinite crowd-sourced photos of everything from the engagement ring to the wedding favors. Today, more couples are eager to customize wedding traditions to their own lives and relationships — aiming for a unique appeal that’s still elegant, of course. Included in the planning for a perfect wedding day is making sure that all the details — from the wardrobe, to the place settings, and the wedding favors — are camera-ready.

We think your wedding should be authentically yours. And whether you end up posting to Pinterest or not, we’d love to help you find personalized wedding favors that are both visually striking and totally sensational.

Here are some eye-catching and pin-worthy customized wedding favors to inspire you as you plan your big day. See something you like? Feel free to pin away!

 5 Party Favor Ideas for Destination Weddings

Rustic and RomanticHow_to_create_pinterest_worthy_-_weddincancoolers.jpg

Rustic weddings are magical for their soft pastel colors, natural wood and floral elements, and the iconic marriage of burlap and lace. Your rustic wedding vision might include wildflowers and string lights, along with customized wedding favors that fit the theme and delight your guests.

Can coolers, also called koozies, are fitting accompaniments to canned or bottled beverages at your wedding reception or rehearsal dinner. They are available in many colors with hundreds of fonts and images to choose from, so you can really make them your own. Select a hue that fits your rustic wedding’s color palette, and choose a simple yet feminine font to emphasize the romantic nature of your special occasion.

Personalized mason jars are elegant favors quite popular at rustic wedding receptions. They’re commonly used to serve cocktails or beer, but you can also fill them with candy or popcorn for a take-home gift your guests can reuse later. You could even get crafty and fill your personalized mason jars with scented wax, sending guests off with beautiful candles to light at home.

Another Pinterest-worthy idea to note is personalized gift bags. They’re great for welcome bags or farewell favors. Customize a brown jute bag for a more natural look, or select a soft cotton tote bag in your wedding color palette. Add your own design with a photo of you and your betrothed, or just a simple image and your wedding date. Sending guests with empty customized bags keeps things light and easy for travel back home, or you might choose to fill them with additional favors or welcome gifts like local magazines, snacks, or even wildflowers or seeds for planting later.


How_to_create_pinterest_worthy_-__weddingshotglasses.jpgCasual and Cool

Not all Pinterest-worthy weddings need to be set on a farm or in a field. Many couples opt for something more relaxed with favors that reflect everything from a cool and casual gathering to a lively party atmosphere.

Personalized shot glasses are popular wedding favors you can use to serve adorable beverage samples even the most sophisticated guests will love. You can opt for a classic transparent shot glass or select tinted varieties for a hint of color. Two-ounce shooter glasses add a touch of elegance, and aluminum shot glasses are great accent pieces any thrillseeker will appreciate.

Sunglasses are quintessentially cool, and make for a fun (and practical) favor choice that will protect your guests from the glare of a sunny outdoor ceremony. Customized sunglasses also are also great for destination weddings or fashionable nightclub receptions. Plus, personalized sunglasses are the perfect props for light-hearted reception pictures or photo booth snaps.

Many wedding couples like to incorporate their love for outdoor activities into their nuptials, and what better way to share that love than with personalized frisbees? These favors impart nostalgic feelings of youth and vitality. Imagine posting a photo of your great aunt tossing a disc to your teenage cousin. Priceless!

Sun-drenched weddings call for SPF—Special Pinterest-worthy Favors. If you’re looking for sun protection, opt for personalized lip balms. These favors are highly portable, easy to design, and really play up the kissability factor. It is a wedding, after all!


Modern and MemorableHow_to_create_pinterest_worthy_-_weddingwineglasses.jpg

A simple browse through a few pinboards on modern wedding favors will reveal will reveal trending patterns and show you how you can use bold colors on anything from stemless wine glasses to personalized wine labels. The colors and fonts you choose that can take your wedding to extraordinary new heights.

Customized plastic cups, for example, can be found in a variety of colors to match the theme of your decor, and personalized with simple inscriptions of your names and event date. Add your favorite sangria recipe for a classy, yet fresh wedding drink menu. Or, get a little creative with custom wine glasses engraved with a timeless quotation or monogrammed initials in a stylish type.

For something a little different, go with a mini martini shot glass and up the sophistication factor on a classic party item. If you’re seeking something more elegant, choose personalized toasting glasses—sure to look amazing in photos and spur great memories down the road.

As you plan your wedding and gather inspiration for the most picturesque wedding favors, keep in mind that this wedding is your own. Pin your inspirations, but don’t forget to follow your heart and be creative. We believe your wedding should be uniquely yours, regardless of whether it ends up on Pinterest or not.

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