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5 Tricks to Get Your Small Business New Years Promotions to Actually Stick

The end of the year is a time to reflect on all the progress you’ve made, and all the hard work you’ve put into growing your business. This holiday season, you can reward your employees and express your appreciation by gifting them with thoughtful accessories to make them not only excel in the future, but maintain their new year’s resolutions. You can keep the momentum going with tools that highlight their strengths, and help them get the job done. 

A few popular ways to ring in the New Year range from setting goals to be healthier, finding methods to stay more organized and becoming more involved in the community. Corporate holiday gifts that help individual employees reach these goals make a unique gesture and bring even more smiles when personalized. Here are a few ways you can ring in the New Year with an eye on your goals while promoting your business productively.

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When you can plan for the year ahead of you, you’re more likely to meet your business goals and stay more organized in the long run. Giving calendars as a gift this time of year is a great idea because they can be used every single calendar month. Customize a set of calendars to promote your brand within the office. You can give them out at Christmas or New Year’s parties and as gifts to your co-workers or contractors. Use these calendars at work to mark meetings or important events, plus birthdays and other reminders. A calendar that shows you a few months ahead of the present day could alleviate stress for employees who manage multiple projects at once.


Pedometers trackerwristbands.jpg

Getting in shape is perhaps one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Aid your co-workers with their personal goals of being more active in their daily lives by gifting them customized pedometers. Tracking your steps is a fun and easy way to keep up with your health, and a cool way to do so with one that is customized. Plus you aren’t limited to only one kind – you have options to select from pedometers that attache to your clothes via a clip, or one that can be worn as a bracelet around your wrist. Sometimes it can be hard to take the first steps towards getting in shape, and these pedometers are a thoughtful way to kick-start your coworkers into gear for reaching their goals.



aluminumwaterbottles.jpgWater Bottles

The turn of the new year means we get to start over! With our nutrition, that is. Why not make a resolution to drink more water this year? Your clients will adore sipping from personalized aluminum water bottles that allow them to take their hydrating drinks on the go. You can give them as a gift or giveaway with a delicious presentation by loading each bottle with holiday treats. Have these bottles customized with your company logo, which is a great way to promote your business in a unique and engaging fashion. Crafted with aluminum, these bottles are ideal at sporting events, camping trips or outdoor festivals.




Recycled Shopping Bagsrecycledbags.jpg

Mother earth will thank those who make a resolution to be a little greener in 2017! Encourage your employees to cut down on waste in the new year and save resources by utilizing a recyclable bag every other time they shop and need a place to store their purchases. You can customize a set of recycled shopping bags and gift them during the holidays. Whenever any of your clients or employees uses the bag, you’ll not only be helping the environment, but promoting your business as well! Those who have never tried using recyclable bags as a way to carry their belongings may be inspired to shop greener at local shops and farmer’s markets.




Next year, promise you’re going to be a little more organized! Start at the root of it all by gifting your employees or clients with smooth leather portfolios that come already-equipped with letter-sized notepads. It’s a highly professional gift or giveaway that provides the user with plenty of room to notate or doodle. Customized with your logo, this portfolio could be your next big promotional move to expose your business. Clients will love representing your brand with a tool that can take them far.




2017 quickly approaches, ring it in with corporate gifts that aid in achieving personal goals and double as promotional items. You can make your presentation extra-special by personalizing the item of your choice with your company logo or messaging. Our DesignLab is a seamless tool that helps you create a customized design, which can be printed on shirts, mugs, water bottles, badge holders, shot glasses and more. You can begin creating your custom products as early as today!

Did you enjoy our ideas? Read on for more ways small businesses can thank their clients this holiday season, and let us know in the comment section below about your plans for the upcoming year. 


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