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Trade Show Giveaway Ideas: 4 Things They’ll Actually Use

The right promotional products help attract visitors to your booth, but in the long run you want and expect them to continue making lasting impressions after your expo or trade show event has ended. Branded pens will probably never go out of style, and have a long history of popularity in marketing campaigns. But they might not have the impact you’re hoping for with almost every other business in the building giving out logo pens. So consider the following innovative trade show giveaway ideas, which your clients will seamlessly integrate into their daily lives. These are some of our favorite cool trade show giveaways, and creative solutions that are bound to remind customers and prospects about your brand long after the trade show has ended.


Microfiber ClothsMicrofiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths make everyday life easier. The kind of product we all need, they’re handy and useful items. We all hate a smudged monitor screen - but for some reason everyone forgets to buy them. A microfiber cloth not only gets rid of the annoying dust and fingertip marks you unintentionally leave on your sunglasses or spec lenses, but also clean mobile devices, laptops, and LCD surfaces. They’re light and easy to carry around, and as word gets around the floor, you’ll see trade show guests gravitating toward your booth to get their hands on one of their own. Convenient and hygienic, microfiber cloths help minimize your need for detergent and other harmful chemicals, and they your items clean in a fraction of the time.

Made of cotton or synthetic materials like nylon, microfiber cloth strands are split into ultra-fine single fibers with millions of spaces in between to trap moisture and dirt. They attach themselves to even the smallest dirt particles – and will have a starring role at your clients’ desks back in the office or home when you feature your logo or brand message.

6 Exciting Trade Show Giveaways: How Cool is that? 

Reusable Tote BagsReusable Tote Bags

The sweet spot between unique, attractive and useful, custom reusable tote bags will earn the most impressions among all promotional products. They not only increase the visibility of your brand during the event, but will continue to make a huge impact well after it’s over.

Your guests will collect a number of swag items from other booths, and they’ll be glad to have an all-purpose carry bag to help with the load. But it doesn’t end there. Your custom totes will then head home with your guests where they will assume new duties exposing your brand to wider audiences.


Unlike some other giveaway items, tote bags are especially well suited for consumer brands. Your customers and their families will use them when they go to the supermarket and the mall. They’ll take them on trips to the beach, the park and more. Environmental awareness is at an all-time high: we know that every day, every hour and every minute, plastic bags continue to pile up in landfills and sewer systems across the globe. Imagine if we all made the switch to more ecological, reusable bags. We do see this more and more. And as people take their own bags to the store, not only will they be reminded of your product or service, but your brand will be linked to the increasingly popular theme: sustainability.

Reusable tote bags are multipurpose. They convey a visual message that educates other shoppers. They’re easy to clean and maintain, and easy to carry. But most importantly, they expose your brand to the growing number of people concerned with reducing our disposal and litter footprint. Join the conversation today. Send a powerful message, and go green with reusable shopping bags that will impress your clients.


Phone StandsPhone Stands

You probably have seen at least one of these around the office, right? A great option for unique trade show giveaway ideas, branded phone stands have non-slip surfaces to keep cellphones and tablets upright. Attendees are thrilled when they get one of these because they’re out of the ordinary, and are exceptionally valuable item that they can use around the office or home.

Cellphones and other smart devices have become essential to our daily lives. And if mobiles are ubiquitous ten phone stands are going to be a constant on desktops and countertops everywhere. Think about how inconvenient it is having to hold your smart devices during long flights, or while in the kitchen – because these days even recipes are handed down electronically, right? And while you can probably make a standing dock out of anything you find, makeshift isn’t as effective as custom designed. I bet a lot of you are sick of propping your devices up in a book only to have them fall flat.

Tablet and cell phone stands guarantee convenience with no interruptions, and are cool accessories that facilitate navigation on your electronic devices. Best of all, your prospects are going to be reminded of your brand every time they use it.


Power BanksPower Banks

Help enhance the efficiency of your prospect’s electronic devices with the hottest trending giveaway at trade show booths this year. Power bank chargers are small, sleek, portable, convenient, and incredibly useful. They charge cellphones, tablets and other devices when you don’t have a power outlet on the go.

Ideal for everyday occasions – and especially business people who travel a lot (like your conference attendees, for example) power banks will grab the attention of event goers, and for good reason: virtually every person on the floor can use one, maybe even at the very moment they pass by your booth. You can save the day with promotional power sticks that will allow for more pictures, more exchange of contact information, more social media sharing, and less running out of power at a critical moment.

Got any more of your own favorite trade show giveaway ideas that you didn’t see mentioned? Please join our conversation, and share with your friends. Tell us about your trade show experiences, and what you think could make your events even more interesting. We want to hear alternatives and suggestions. Whether you are looking to buy or connect with your buyers, trade shows are critical events where brands are made - and sometimes lost. Visibility is everything, and we want to help you find the right merchandise to meet the demands of your audience.

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