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Your Ultimate Corporate Gift-Buying Guide for the Holidays

The Ultimate Corporate Gift-Buying Guide for The Holidays

Welcome to DiscountMugs, where finding the perfect corporate holiday gifts is both easy and exciting! Our diverse collection, ranging from unique designs to handy pieces of equipment, caters to all your gifting needs. Whether you're looking to delight your valued clients or show appreciation to your dedicated employees, we've got an array of choices that will brighten their holiday season—and keep the spirit of gratitude alive all year long!

For Your Employees

Affirm your status as ‘best boss’ this year by kitting your employees out with the most memorable holiday gifts, guaranteed to make them feel appreciated. There’s nothing like rewarding your loyal staff for their dedication and hard work, and they will love that they’re appreciated. At DiscountMugs, we have the best corporate holiday gift ideas guaranteed to make your employees smile.
voldt now baterry power banks.jpg

  1. The Power Bank

There won’t be an employee who doesn’t need or want a power bank. This handy little device will charge their gadgets on the go, with the added benefit of more than one port offering multiple devices to be charged at once, so they never have to worry about losing power again. You can also opt for a solar-powered version to wow the environment as well as your employees. They can even charge in the car on the way to work. If that doesn’t say ‘perfect gift,’ then what does?

  1. Bluetooth Speakers



Our waterproof Bluetooth speakers are ideal gifts for those who love to travel or engage in outdoor adventures. For a touch of elegance, consider our wooden speakers, sure to appeal to creative minds. Some come with a handy strap for effortless portability. A perfect blend of style and function, these speakers are an excellent choice for gift-giving to any busy worker. Check out our range of speakers, ideal for client gifts!




  1. Business Card Holders

Personalized business card holders featuring your company logo make a fantastic networking tool for your employees. These functional holders are not only a stylish addition to any desk but also a practical way for employees to showcase their important business cards. A sleek and custom holder is a thoughtful way to enhance their professional presence.

  1. Aromatherapy Candles

There will never be a time when a candle isn’t a great gift, especially during the holiday season.Gifting a custom-scented tea light is a thoughtful way to enhance your employees' relaxation and show appreciation. It's a perfect addition to their holiday ambiance, helping them unwind and feel valued




  1. Ceramic Mugs

Coffee as a source of energy must be maintained, and your employees will appreciate any personalized gift that makes this easier! A ceramic coffee mug is office-friendly as well as great logo-emblazed editions to the home. There isn’t any employee who wouldn’t enjoy taking a sip from one of these. Discover our collection of logo-enhanced ceramic mugs and enhance your team's coffee experience!


  1. The Trusty Metal Pen



For the note-taker we all know and love, a personalized metal pen is a truly practical piece of gift-giving. For tech lovers, you can even personalize a stylus pen, ready for any task. This thoughtful gift is ready for anyone who loves writing – and who doesn’t always need a pen?



  1. Headphones

Headphones are a must-have piece of equipment, especially for employees who may have a long commute – and customizable ones are even better! Personalized headphones that are rechargeable could be given as a holiday gift to businesses that employ athletes or who have an active community, who will appreciate the ability to store them virtually anywhere. The holidays have never sounded better.

  1. A Device Bag


A bag is one of the most helpful gifts you can provide a busy employee. Personalize a laptop backpack with the sleek design of your logo, and give your employee a gift they can display proudly while carrying their laptops, tablets, or other pieces of important tech. The leather design will never go out of fashion.


  1. A Phone Stand


A gift of convenience is the most appreciated. Your employees can now better support their phones, either at home or at the work desk, with a personalized cell phone stand. This item looks great and works anywhere!



  1. Notebooks or Portfolios


For any employee in the business of carrying a lot of documents, and taking notes, personalized notepads or customized leather portfolios can add a touch of style to any piece of paper. Traveling to meetings and conferences will suddenly be more stylish with this great gift, and your employees will be able to show off your business brand every time!



For Your Clients

During the holidays, it’s the perfect time to show your clients how much their loyalty has meant to you, as your business would truly be nothing without the support and devotion of those happy clients (not to mention that they keep you in business!). There’s nothing like a great gift stamped with your company logo to remind clients of the successful business relationship you’ve both had the past year, which will continue on into the next.


Try these fantastic client holiday gift ideas:

  1. The Customized Chocolate Tin

For those who love chocolate, a branded canister tin filled with sweet treats can be the perfect choice for the holidays (especially because it’s gorging season). Treat your best clients to delicious Hershey kisses in a handy customized container which can also be used as a storage item later for those busy desks!

  1. The Reusable Grocery Tote Bag


Everyone loves a reusable option, and it’s great for the environment, too. Your clients will love this multi-function bag, equipped for any need, whether it’s their groceries (heavier over the holiday season) or for carrying items while commuting to work. These strong tote bags come in a range of colors, printed with your brand, making them the perfect corporate Christmas gifts.


  1. The Retro Lunch Box

Perfect for those clients who are constantly on the go, a durable lunch box is exactly what they need for a busy day. You could even fill up your customized lunch box with seasonal treats to get them through a hectic holiday schedule. These insulated grocery bags would be perfect for a day filled with errands!


  1. A Festive Nut Tin

Snacks always make great gifts during the holidays, and a personalized nut tin is a festive way to say thanks to your clients. The tin is even reusable, which means clients can store personal items afterward. Add a ribbon tied around for an extra-festive look!



  1. The Stainless-Steel Wine Glass

    And stemless to boot! Your logo will look professional on a shiny, steel surface, ready for your clients’ holiday drinks on this wine glass. You could also fill the glass with tasty holiday treats and tie it with a ribbon, a perfect example of great holiday gifts to clients!

    6. Luxury Blankets

Luxury Plush Blankets

Never has warmth and comfort been more important than during those cold holiday months, which is why a Luxury Plush Blanket is the perfect gift. Enhance your brand presence with a cozy option anyone would appreciate.


  1. The Stainless-Steel Water Bottlestainlesssteelwaterbottles.jpg

Because water is life! Every client will make use of a water bottle, especially a stylish, customized one. With a variety of bold shades and handy clip attachments, keep your clients hydrated and happy this holiday season.


  1. A Simple Gift Card in a Unique Holder


Gift cards are great (and safe) holiday gift options, and you can even include an attractive personalized business card holder, or desk accessory, suitable for any client. Networking will be made easier when your client has a unique accessory to display their information.

4W x 6H inch Metal Plastic Curved Frames

  1. A Customized Photo Frame

Clients now have the option to display their favorite snap from the holiday party season! Let them capture the moment by providing a personalized frame for any shot important to them, which they can treasure forever while honoring your business connection.

  1. The Personalized Pen Cup


This personalized pen cup will never go out of fashion. It can be filled with pens, rulers, clips, and other important desk supplies, meaning your client will always feel grateful for your branded addition to their work life, displayed in any color option or unique brand design.


The Best Holiday Party Gifts

Perfect for those Christmas business functions, for employees and clients alike! These items work as brilliant promotional products as well as quirky content for party gift bags or general gifts.

3D Sflake Holiday Ornaments
  1. A Beautiful Christmas Ornament

Holiday ornaments are timeless classics and a great way to show appreciation. Offering the perfect space to promote your logo, these Shatter Resistant Flat Star Ornaments are perfect for any office or home tree.

  1. A Chroma Glass Award

Small Chroma Glass Awards with Double Stand
The end of the year is a time to look back and appreciate hard work. Many year-end traditions include awards and functions, and this gift is the perfect chance to show appreciation for a hard worker. A great addition to any home or desk, the Small Chroma Glass Award is made to be displayed proudly, complete with an aluminum stand ready for any mounting position to better show off the engraved, heartfelt message.

  1. Pint Glasses16 oz. Pint Glasses

The holiday season brings many great opportunities for sharing drinks, including business and home-based celebrations and parties. What better way to enjoy the merriment than with a personalized pint glass, ready for any bubbling beverage? Make a toast to success even more special with a branded glass. You could even use it as an alternative to a traditional glass award for valued team members!

  1. A Basket of Brownies and Cookies

Three Doz.en Home-Style Cookie & Brownie Baskets
Food gift baskets aren’t always the first choices that spring to mind for promotional gift-giving, but the holidays are the perfect times to share gourmet food. The Home-style Cookies and Brownies Basket is a tasty treat for any hard-working professional.


In Conclusion

DiscountMugs offers a fantastic selection of corporate gifts this holiday season, whether included in celebratory events, prize raffles, award ceremonies, or general gift-giving and merriment. Our collection caters to every preference, from gadgets for the tech-savvy, to travel essentials for the on-the-go professional, or even chic mugs for home enthusiasts. At DiscountMugs, we’re committed to helping you find the ideal gifts that not only enhance your brand visibility but also show your clients and employees how much they're valued. Celebrate your unique business relationships with our exceptional gift options, suitable for any time of the year.

Ready to find the perfect corporate gift? Start your holiday shopping with us!


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