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How to Make School More Fun

How to Reward Students During the School Year

Making students interested in school can be a struggle for parents and teachers alike. However, with the right methods of praise and reward schemes, as well as the ability to boost school pride and make school seem more fun, it is possible to enable students to enjoy school and feel excited about their classes. If you want to boost school patriotism and reward your students for their hard work, read on for some of the best tips in the textbook.


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How to Make Classrooms More Fun

Helping students feel patriotic about their school can boost engagement levels and create a hard-working atmosphere. To promote school pride and help students to feel as if their work is valued within the school, you should consider personalizing your classroom.Recyclable Bright ECO Notebooks

  • Many students will not have the school supplies that they need to succeed after their return from the summer break, and handing personalized notebooks out to your students can show that you believe in their success. Notebooks can help students to stay organized and help them to draft and plan essays, take notes in class and lectures, and provide a safe space for them to do their homework. In fact, new research by Pam Mueller and Dan Oppenheimer even suggests that writing in notebooks help students to learn more as a consolidation technique than typing on laptops. Notebooks come in a range of options such as ruled and blank paper, top or side opening, and right and left-handed.
  • Lanyards are important in many schools for security reasons as they are easy methods to carry student IDs and other cards. However, you can make these unique to your school with personalized lanyards with the school crest, colors, woven or printed slogan or name, and allowing students to add to these with their own pins and badges.
  • School pride is also encapsulated in your student’s success, and you can help your students to get the grades that they need through personalized calendars. These can be hung from doors and lockers, or placed on desks, and they allow students to note down important dates and deadlines. This can help them to organize their work schedule and stay on track.
  • Pens can be given out at events or handed to students to promote and show pride in your school wherever your students go. They can be used to write notes, do assignments, or take exams, but many students still forget to bring their own. Customized pens are also extremely useful and will continue to be in the future, with there being no sign that they will be replaced with iPads and other electronics. Their size, small cost, and large quantities enable both students, parents, and teachers to immerse themselves in the school spirit all year round.
  • Math can be boring, and many students struggle to concentrate in lessons. However, you can make Math fun with high-quality and low-cost customized calculators in class or even at Mathlete competitions to show your school pride at home and away.
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Good Ways to Show Students Praise

Throughout the year, it is important to implement good student engagement strategies to encourage them to work hard and succeed. Students have other concerns such as their home life which can leave them feeling demotivated throughout the year, and so it is important to give your students praise and reward them when they have done well.

  • One of the best ways that you can show praise to your students is through giving them hand-written notes when they have done well, and you can attach a custom eraser or personalized school supplies, emblazoned with the school crest or slogan. This can help to make students passionate and dedicated towards their targets and reward them when they have achieved good grades or put effort into their work.
  • You can also engage students by boosting their enthusiasm and making them feel as if they are part of a team and that they are valued in a classroom setting. You can boost the enthusiasm of students by tapping into their individual skills and helping them to utilize these through tailored classroom equipment, such as personalized supplies. You can share the enthusiasm by sending notes throughout the year to their guardians, or by celebrating achievements within the class.
  • You can show students praise by tracking their progress as this will enable you to know when they have met their targets. You can help students aim for their targets by holding regular meetings and by investing in personalized planners, which have the capacity for students to organize and see their school calendar easily, as well as the progress that they have made on their goals.
  • Although you must ensure that it is healthy, competition is a great way to get students excited and motivated about their projects, boosting student engagement. These educational contents can reward hard-working students through prizes, such as custom drawstring bags, which can be used for P.E kits, and other prizes which are suited to student life.
  • It is also important to tailor your awards to individual students to make sure that they receive what they perceive as a reward. This is especially important as your students are made up of a variety of socio-economic backgrounds. For instance, there are many reward options to keep students motivated. These include school trips, sweets, and gifts such as personalized portfolios, which12 Inch Number 1 Foam Hands can help them to feel proud of their achievements and keep their work safe and organized.

Best Annual School Events

There are many annual events that teachers can hold throughout the year that can help to keep students motivated and continuously reward them for all the hard work that they have performed during term time. If you need inspiration for annual events, read on for some of the best student engagement activities that you can do with your class.

  • Holding a Spirit Week is a great way to boost school pride before big inter-school events or even just before exams, helping students to perform well in order to make their school a success. Some of the activities during Spirit Week could include holding team sports events or talent competitions throughout the week. One of the most popular activities during Spirit Week includes fancy dresses, where you can hand out school personalized prizes for the best-dressed students. You can also boost the fun by holding themed days such as superheroes, around the world, what you want to be when you grow up, and pajama day.
  • If your school is an active or sports-loving school, holding a Field day is the perfect way to encourage students to represent their house or team. You can split teams by homeroom, grade, or simply at random throughout the school, and hold a day of fun sporting events such as races and field events. You can also set up other activities during the day such as water balloons, crafts, or a bouncy castle.
  • You can hold a talent or lip sync competition for your school, which anyone or any ability can enter. You should set a number of students to judge or choose a panel of teachers, and allow students to choose sports-themed names to boost school morale.
  • If you know of any creative and arty students in your school, why not set up a sidewalk chalk competition? All you need for this is a schoolyard or paved area such as a basketball court. Students should then be given themes or inspiration which they can then use to create their designs from, and if you want to make this even more patriotic, why not make these school-themed?
  • You should consider forming a Pep Rally to close off events, where students can all gather together to celebrate the end of term and show their team spirit. Now is a good opportunity to reward prize winners and announce awards, set up a cheerleading team to perform, or rouse the school in their school song or favorite tune.
  • Students versus teacher events can also be a fun way to shed any animosity between the two factions throughout the year; no matter how much homework you set. This can help everyone to see that they are working towards the same aim; a better school. Events can include sports, such as football and sporting contests.

Two Tone Plastic SunglassesHow to Boost School Pride

  • Getting students to feel school pride can be extremely motivating and can help you to find how to increase student engagement. To get students to show school pride, you should set up a poster competition where clubs and societies can design their own school banners that others can vote for. This can be to win a prize, such as a school t-shirt or sunglasses. You can also vary this by allotting each club a door and allowing them to design a patriotic pattern that represents your school.
  • There are no better school spirit ideas to help students show school pride at events than face painting. There are many design inspiration websites that you can find on the internet, and you should try to get this to reflect school colors for the ultimate effect.
  • You should also provide school bumper stickers to parents and students so that they can show their pride in the school throughout their local area and help you to promote your school’s success.
  • You should also include a photo booth in your event plans as these are exciting ways to preserve school events and spread school pride through slogans or crests on the photos themselves.
  • School motto competitions are also a fun way to allow everyone to contribute towards the running of the school and school pride, with many students having creative and inspirational ideas that can contribute towards your school. These can be played over loudspeakers at events or painted onto walls, and teachers can provide guidance for these.
  • Students can also show support for their school through creating their own noisemakers from plastic bottles that are filled with small items such as stones, and then decorated in school colors. These can even be sold at events to raise funds towards the school’s upkeep.

What You Need to Plan a Spring Formal

Spring Formal is one of the best ways to reward your students after a year of hard work. If you want to jazz up the event for your students, or you have found yourself in charge of planning and have no idea where to start, this list of Spring Formal themes will help to make your event special.ABS Plastic Poker Chip Ball Markers

  • One of the most glamorous options is to arrange a Hollywood theme, where you can establish a black-tie dress code, create a red carpet and Walk of Fame, and create stunning backdrops. For an extra touch of glamour, you can add champagne glasses personalized with fraternity letters.
  • If you have slightly older students, set up a Las Vegas night by hiring roulette and blackjack tables with custom poker chips, recreating the famous neon signs, and hire impersonators to bring live entertainment.
  • Bring the European lifestyle to the USA with a Tuscany-inspired formal, full of vineyard backdrops and plenty of wine in wine goblets imprinted with your letter and class. These also make great keepsakes, and your students may even still be drinking out of them in years to come.
  • You could also think about creating an old-school, decade-orientated atmosphere for your students. Choose the 1920s for a party full of flappers that will make The Great Gatsby seem relevant, or experience the shoulder pads and flares of the 80s for some extreme fancy dress. You can even personalize magnetic save-the-date themed cards to consolidate your theme.
  • Give your students a night of sophistication with a Black and White ball, giving your guests the opportunity to feel as grown-up as they are now that they are leaving school. If you want to give everyone a matching look, beautiful black and white tote bags can give everyone’s outfit an extra special touch, as well as a memento that they will remember forever.

Let us know how it turns out. Make sure to share your photos to our Facebook or Twitter accounts. We’d love to see how you made the big night a special one.


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