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Personalized School Supplies: 5 Products to Promote School Spirit

Heading back to school after summer break is always bittersweet. Your students have enjoyed their time off , but they’re excited to see friends. They’re nervous about meeting new teachers, but also excited to do well in classes. They have mixed emotions, and the transition between summer break and the fall semester can be difficult.

One thing that can make the transition much easier is school spirit. That’s why there are often pep rallies and homecoming parades during the beginning of the school year. When students, teachers, and administration take pride in their school, they get more enjoyment—and more learning—out of every day. School supplies that are custom designed with your school’s logos and colors can help create pride among your students, and each time your students use their supplies, they’ll be reminded that their school is one that cares about their success.

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Students are very social, so when they show pride in their school, it spreads very quickly. When they’re using supplies with your school’s mascot, logo, or name printed on them, they’ll be showing off that pride while they’re getting excellent work done each day.

Whether you need custom supplies for a small club, a sports team, or the entire school, you’ll find many high quality options that are also affordable. Add your school’s mascot or have the products delivered in your school colors. As your students, faculty, and administration use these items throughout the year, they’ll be showing off just how proud they are to be a part of your school.

Here are a few great back to school supplies to help create and promote school spirit:

Personalized Notebooks, Discount Mugs1. Personalized Notebooks for Everyday Use

All of your students use notebooks every day for a wide range of different purposes. Whether they’re executing math problems, writing the rough draft of an essay, or even just passing a note to a friend, notebooks are a major part of their daily lives. Personalized notebooks can be a great way for students to showcase the pride they take in their school and get excited about doing their work. In fact, new research from Pam Mueller and Dan Oppenheimer demonstrates that students who write out their notes actually learn more than students who take notes using laptops.

Handing out personalized notebooks to your students when they come back to school will let your students know that you’re invested in their success. Notebooks are great for organizing and planning, so they’re a great tool to facilitate learning. Personalized notebooks for your school will keep your students proud of their school and proud of their work.

Choose from notebooks with college ruled or wide ruled, or choose paper with no lines at all. You can also find notebooks that open from the side or from the top, or even notebooks designed for left-handed students.

Customized Lanyards, Discount Mugs2. Custom Lanyards with Your School’s Logo

Lanyards are a great product for many different student organizations and other groups within your school. Lanyards are excellent identification tools because they’re easy to take on and off and they prominently display ID badges. When they’re customized for your school and your group, its members will be able to show off their school spirit all day long.

Lanyards don’t have to be boring, and they can be totally customized to let students express their own personalities. They’re also durable, high quality, and low-cost, so they’re the perfect choice for groups of any size.

Lanyards are perfect for:

  •   Sports Meets
  •   Parent-Teacher Associations
  •   Conferences
  •   Student Government
  •   After School Programs
  •   And More!

Order your customized lanyards in your school colors and with totally customizable woven or printed slogans, school mascot, or your school’s name, and let your students show their pride in your school, team, or other group!

Personalized Calendars, Discount Mugs3. Keep Your Students Organized with Personalized Calendars

One of the biggest problems that many students have with school is keeping up with so many different deadlines and dates, but being able to stay organized and keep track of deadlines is one of the most important skills you can teach your students. That’s why personalized calendars are the perfect thing to give students when they come back to school.

School spirit isn’t just about wearing a tee shirt or attending football games—it’s also about students doing their best to succeed, and a calendar is a great piece of encouragement. Giving your students personalized calendars will help them start their years off right, then stay on track throughout the year.

Students can hang wall sized calendars in their lockers or bedrooms, or they can keep smaller calendars on their desks or in their bags. No matter where the calendars are, they’ll be showing their pride in their school while also staying organized and focused.

Customized Pens, Discount Mugs4. Write in Style with Custom Pens

No matter what subject your students are working on, they could always use the help of a great writing utensil. Whether they’re writing their thoughts about the last reading assignment, drawing Lewis dot diagrams for chemistry, or taking notes during a history lecture, they’re always using a pen to do it. Students often forget to bring writing utensils, and having customized pens to give out just-in-case can help them feel better and stay on task. Pens are one of the only things that have yet to be adequately replaced by an app on a smartphone, and they don’t show any signs of becoming less useful.

Pens can be totally customized and bought in very large quantities at low costs so that any of your students, staff members, or even parents can always use them to show their school spirit. And because pens are so frequently used, people everywhere will see that your students take great pride in their school.

Personalized Calculators, Discount Mugs5. Personalized Calculators Can Make Math Fun

When students are heading back to school, personalized calculators can be a great item to help them get back into the spirit of working hard and learning. Customized calculators with mascots, your school’s name, or school colors can be a great gift for new or returning “mathletes” or other math- and science-focused extracurricular clubs, groups and organizations.

These high quality and low cost personalized school supplies can be great for groups of any size, and they’re the perfect way to let students know that you’re excited to teach while getting them excited to learn. And after all, that’s what’s school spirit is really all about!

Learn more about customizable gifts for your students, teachers, and faculty.


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