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Mardi Gras: Fleur-de-Fancy Party Ideas

In New Orleans, every day of the week is Fat Tuesday. The carnival celebrations have ended - but we can learn from the birthplace of jazz and the cocktail, to bring something amusing and delightful to our cobblestone events. Whether you’re looking at Mardi Gras for inspiring decorating ideas, or would like to learn more about the iconic masks, beads, food and music, we invite you to take plunge with us into some of the traditions that surround the colorful festivity.

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Mardi Gras Block PartyGlow Sticks

Planning a party may be a bit overwhelming, but as they say in New Orleans - we’re here to show you how to “let the good times roll.” A block party is a great way to get your close friends, family members and neighbors all together in one place. Of course there are legalities and regulations you have to sort through with your local government. But keep in mind, this would be a great way to show those you care about your creative side. There’s plenty of power and potential in the purple, green and gold.

You can start by sending out handmade invitations in the spirit of the festivity. This is the best way to communicate to your guests what you are celebrating, and can help some on your forgetful neighbors save the date way in advanced. Receiving and invitation is as thrilling as receiving a letter from someone we care about. And a simple and effective way to reveal the who, what, where and when.

Set up a potluck so you can get everyone involved. Delightful and traditional Mardi Gras favorites include a number of Creole dishes like the world famous jambalaya, fritters, oysters, gumbo and King Cake. Communal meals are practical and appropriate for these kind of events. Easy on the budget, a potluck will get you off the hook as the designated cook, and you may very well be surprised by dishes you never heard of before. Everyone gets a chance to be a culinary star.

Plan fun activities that involve the entire family, and invite your guests to dress in colorful Mardi Gras outfits. Multicolor LED light glow sticks are great items that will get the attention of both the children and the adults coming to your party. They’re practical too, - they help illuminate the streets after dark, and can be used to create fun pattern and colorful decorations.


lightupchampagneflutesMasquerade Dinner Party

A fancy take on the block or Bourbon Street party, Mardi Gras themed masquerade dinner parties add a mysterious element to your elegant get together. A great way to reconnect with friends and family without having to wait for the holiday season to come around, this is a brilliant opportunity to wear your best rags. The gentlemen will look sharp in their tuxes, while the ladies get to fashion in their fancy long dresses and beautifully made hair. A special event with rich food, piano music and mysterious masks, you will find yourself asking your guests to come wearing the traditional “masques,” or arrive disguised as someone else.

Decorate your space with purple, blue and golden ribbons, bead necklaces, and feathers. Cover entrances, staircases and pillars, and accentuate with candles and bold centerpieces and balloons to call forth the spirit of the traditional New Orleans fest. Decorations don’t need to cost a bundle. Create attractive ambiences with backdrops and garlands in certain areas of your house for a space where your guests to take pictures together, and bring the southern scene right to the comfort of your home. An affordable solution that can help save on your budget, photo stations help capture the fun and excitement of your event.

Masquerade parties are the top picks for Halloween and New Year’s celebrations, but don’t let that shy you away from throwing one just for fun. Make sure you coordinate every aspect from invitations, to party favors, dinnerware, and everything else in between. We love light up champagne glasses because they help bring together the ambiance of the party. Flashy lights are essential to Mardi Gras - bring out your favorite bubbly for an unforgettable toast!


La Hora Loca Party Sunglasses

La Hora Loca, or The Crazy Hour, is the hottest new trend at weddings. These high energy shows are fashioned in the style of the Mardi Gras celebrations, and can and include the appearance of dancers, clowns, jugglers, funky hats, masks, balloons, party poppers, and colorful feathers. This festive wedding tradition originated in South American countries like Venezuela and Brazil, then quickly caught on in South Florida. Now it’s rapidly spreading across the country, and couples everywhere can bring the Fat Tuesday feel to their special day.

A wild turn of events that’s sure to surprise your guests, La Hora Loca is a fun filled space within your reception. Encourage your loved ones to head down to the dance floor, and feel free to let loose the funky dance beast inside. A wedding isn’t really a wedding until you’ve danced a conga line, and we can’t think of a better opportunity to do so. Put on your party sunglasses, bring out the maracas, and make sure to join the performers in this sexy new tradition.

It doesn’t matter if your wedding is taking place on a ranch or in a fancy banquet hall. The wild elements of this hot trend will set your wedding apart from any you’ve been to before. Imagine your sweet grandmother and even the stiffest of your guests let crazy loose in celebration of your union. The good vibes are sure to set you apart for a bundle of good laughs. Set the tone for a lively dance hour, and make your reception memorable for a night your guest won’t forget. We promise, this will be your most unique party yet. Warn your guests - no adulting allowed.


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