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Haunted Halloween Party Ideas for a Fun and Festive Party!

It’s finally that time of the year. Autumn season is fully upon us, pumpkins and squash are ready for harvest, and suddenly the supermarket is stocked with economy-sized bags of candy. That’s right — it’s almost Halloween.

For some, the holiday is a spooky occasion perfect for séances in graveyards and late-night zombie movies. Parents may think of it primarily as a day for trick-or-treating and handing out candy. Still others find that it’s a great excuse for throwing a party.

Indeed, hosting a Halloween party offers an opportunity to be foolish, dress up in silly or scary costumes, and kick back with friends, coworkers, or the kiddos. This is a time to dust off your pumpkin-carving skills, dig through your old dress-up chest, and get creative with some spooky custom gifts and party favors. So whether it’s a family gathering, a company party, or an all-night bash with everyone you know, we’ve got plenty of fun Halloween party ideas to make it an event to remember.

Halloween Party Ideas to Involve the Young Ones and Your Community

Mini Gift BagEncourage costumes

First and foremost, make it a costume party! Costumes double the fun and are more than appropriate for a Halloween event. When sending invitations, be sure to include any necessary guidelines, such as “work-appropriate” costumes for office parties, or “kid-friendly” costumes for family gatherings. To encourage the holiday spirit, consider offering a prize for the best, silliest, or scariest costume.

Not into costumes? Then help your guests or employees get into the spirit in a more casual way with custom orange sweatshirts. Print some jack-o-lantern faces on the fronts for a fun pumpkin themed look, or simply write “Happy Halloween!” for a simple, silly “costume” people will love to wear each year.

Mini Squeeze ToysPut up spooky decorations

Set the mood with plenty of decorations inside and out. Start by carving a few pumpkins into silly or scary jack-o-lanterns. Set candles or battery-powered lights inside and set your patio aglow to welcome visitors and set the scene.

Fake spider webs are always a fun idea, too. String them across the entryway, over the windows, and above the door for an oversized cobweb look. A few plastic spiders never hurt, either.

Choose interior decorations to fit the theme of your party. For example, something peppy and light hearted like black and orange streamers, faux fall leaves, and little pumpkin centerpieces can create a warm feeling of fall and fun. On the other hand, you could choose to make the party a little more on the scary side and create more of a haunted house feel with creepy fake tombstones, smoking dry ice, and strobe lights.

Custom Party CupsOffer freaky food and delicious dishes

No party is complete without food to share and enjoy. If it’s a casual event or company party, consider making it a potluck so that everyone can contribute (and also to take some of the pressure off the host). Catering the party is another idea if there are many guests in attendance. Either way, serving Halloween-themed foods can make the party all the more memorable. Consider these classics for inspiration:

  • “Ants on a log” — celery sticks spread with peanut butter and raisins on top
  • “Severed fingers” — mozzarella sticks with marinara dipping sauce
  • “Eyeball punch” — spiked (or alcohol-free) fruit punch with fake eyeballs floating on top
  • “Witch’s brew” — piping hot apple cider or cocoa

Be sure you have plenty of plates, silverware, and cups on hand. Disposable items are always easiest to clean up, so consider paper plates, plastic silverware, and plastic party cups for your shindig.

Pro Tip: If you’re keen on ordering party cups your guests can keep after the night is over, then consider custom plastic party cups. They’re available in different colors — black and orange are perfect choices for Halloween — and can be customized with a ghostly graphic, fun message, or your party date and details.

Glow In The Dark SunglassesDon’t forget the favors

Party favors are always a nice touch to thank guests for coming. Be sure to get a general idea of how many people will attend in order to plan for the right amount of favors. Then, get creative! Here are some ideas for fun Halloween products and Halloween party favors:

  • Mini gift bags. Choose a custom printed gift bag to stuff with candy, toys, and other goodies from the party. Orange, black, green, and purple are great colors, and can be customized with a Halloween-y graphic or party date.
  • Mini jack-o-lanterns. Everyone loves a tiny pumpkin, and these mini squeeze toys are sure to go over well in the office, at a family reunion, or even with dog-lovers.
  • Glow in the dark sunglasses. It’s never too dark to look cool in shades, but these glow in the dark sunglasses are made for nighttime — or at least for happily haunting your dimly-lit dance party.
  • Coffee mugs. For hot apple cider or spiked hot cocoa fans, these party favors will not disappoint. Give these black matte custom two-toned coffee mugs (and toss in some hot cocoa packets or mini booze bottles) for a memorable gift all throughout the year.  

Halloween is a great time to welcome in the traditional holiday season with something a little more fun, funky, and out of the ordinary. When planning your Halloween party, be sure to remember what’s most important — having fun!

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