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Custom Mugs Poplar Promotional Items Still

Custom Mugs - Popular Promotional Items, Still?

Mugs have been around for a long time, and as we continue to expand and innovate the question remains. Are custom mugs popular promotional items, still?

Someone, please fact check me on this but I'm almost sure mugs (or a slight variation of the modern mug) made their first appearance sometime around the invention on tools. Frankly, they’re just convenient items, and surely our ancient brothers must have seen foreseen their value.

A staple of society, mugs evolved into what we call today ‘the custom mug.’ It gave business the opportunity to appear center stage and front row in the kitchens of millions, to later transcend its early footsteps and become sought out ad spaces on TV shows, magazines and most recently transitioned into digital publications. The question you should be asking is, what can’t custom mugs do?


Custom Mugs Can't Brew Coffee

The mug has indeed come a long way; however, it still isn't able to brew coffee on demand. That sort of technology would require us to make leaps into the future, arrive at our most evolved self, and manufacture such an object that fantastically transmutes energy into our most inner desires.

Something right out of a fiction film, it appears I'm not the only one dreaming of infinity mugs.

Custom mugs can, on the other hand, make an impact on your café visitors. I don’t want to tell any tales, but our most recent history probably calls for a recall on plastic and paper cups. Whether you’re an environmentalist or not, the truth is our present world runs on resources, and although convenient, plastic and paper items aren’t as friendly to our circumstances.

Ceramic mugs shouldn’t be restricted to your local retro diner. Create an alluring atmosphere in your space. One that invites customers to sit down and enjoy their favorite brews. Are you worried about clients who visit your shop on the go? Start by calling for a ‘Paper Free Friday,’ and give a discount to customers who purchase custom travel mugs printed with your logo.

Are Custom Mugs Popular Promotional Items Still


Custom Mugs Can’t Speak for Your Brand

Unless I’m mistaken and my future self is laughing at me this very moment, I really don’t see the day when inanimate objects speak. Wait, how are we currently classifying robots? But I digress … Mugs, be it glass, stainless steel, plastic or ceramic, simply cannot speak.

How can you trust a mute agent to help promote your brand, you ask? It’s simple. The world runs on coffee. And, yes, I am borrowing that phrase but slightly paraphrased to avoid copyright issues, wink.

Custom mugs can, however, be customized with your company name and logo, and last decades given they don’t end up in the hands of a terrible two-year-old. If you ask me, you can’t ever have enough mugs. They remind you of the places you’ve been, the experiences you’ve had, and the name of that awesome new foot mask you decided to test at your last consumer trade show expo.

Yes, it was an embarrassing moment, but totally worth the scrutiny of my peers.

Custtom Mugs Cant Speak for Your Brand


Custom Mugs Can’t Go to School

I hoped it wouldn’t come to this because frankly we’ve heard it enough times, but conscientious faculty members and students should never ask what their mugs can do for them. Instead, they should be asking what they could do with their mugs.

Do you ever wonder how kids these days stay up late at night after a long day at school, or even work? And please don’t cringe, but the truth is you really weren’t a better student than you son or daughter. After comparing your school curriculum and expectations to the standards of today, the results are practically unanimous: the life of a student is a lot more competitive and stressful now.

Come in, the custom mug.

Custom ceramic mugs printed with the school mascot or motto can be a source of motivation for your student body. Parents aren’t the only proud agents in this picture. Students these days work arduously to earn a spot in a school of their choice, and personalized paraphernalia is still the best way to show off one’s achievements.

In addition, no one ever said schools couldn’t profit from said mugs. Simply think in terms of your school shop, fundraiser event, Greek week, or when your team finally wins that championship. Ah! I do miss the good ol’ days.

Custom Mugs Don't Go to School


Custom Mugs Can’t Sale Your Product

Look, the truth is we all know custom mugs won’t sell your product. Unless that far future I keep dreaming about were to arrive now, mugs will continue to be just what they are. One of the most convenient items in which to drink your favorite coffee or tea. The reality is you will have to work very hard, endure some sleepless nights, and continue working after some of your greatest disappointments to make your dreams come true.

Custom mugs, however, are amazing promotional items. One of the most effective ways to permeate your way into the heart of your customers, mugs take center stage and front row in the homes of your prospects. Not only is it easy to fall in love with them, but people tend to get a little territorial over them.

– I don’t know about what happens in your place of work, but we have a certain Susan here who continues to take my favorite mug and then leave it unwashed on the sink to gloat. I’ve taken to this slight passive aggressive move. Perhaps she’ll stop –

No, custom mugs can’t sell your product, but they can help promote your dream.

Custom Mugs Cant Sell Your Product


The value of a promotional product is measured in terms of convenience, popularity and real state for your imprint. Custom mugs are some of the few items that meet all these requirements. Get creative with the way you put them to use – expand and nurture your audience, show appreciation to your employees for a job well done, or order personalized for a special event or occasion. Custom mugs are the way to grow!


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About the Author Roxana Clares

Roxana Clares is a product specialist and content marketing manager for DiscountMugs. She is passionate about content creation that adds value and creative insight to an online audience, and believes in the importance of data to improve content marketing strategies. Roxana is the author of the DiscountMugs blog series.

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