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How to Use Promotional Products Effectively in 2019

If you find yourself reading now, it means you’re thinking ahead and looking into ways to make 2019 a year of success for your business or cause. Promotional products are a great start, but you’ll want to use them effectively in order to maximize your investment. Yes, you read that right. Promotional products are an investment and you’ll need to tap into all the different venues in which they can be used to reach their full potential.

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The Ultimate Guide to Fundraising Ideas

Coming up with unique fundraising ideas each year can feel challenging, even for the most creative groups. Before you launch into idea mode or start planning, you’ll need to determine what the campaign or event will be about and decide what ideas will generate the most interest from participants. There are so many great fundraising ideas out there which can be tailored to your campaign so it’s unique to your organization or school, the trick is deciding which events will lead to the best results. You should find a fundraiser that will work for you and that will generate enthusiasm excitement in your volunteers and donors.  

Check out these great fundraising ideas for organizations, pick one that fits your needs and resources and take a look at the helpful hints on how to run a great fundraising campaign.

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How Your Business Can Wow at a Trade Show

Businesses wanting to connect with prospective clients and increase their exposure should attend a trade show. However, as the events are often filled with gimmicks, it can be hard for a brand to stand out from the crowd.

To grab people’s attention and substantially increase your return on investment, you must develop a strategy that will ensure people are talking about your brand long after the event is over. Find out how your business can wow at a trade show.

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Easy Fundraiser Ideas and Ways to Make Them Succeed

Are you planning a fundraiser? The key aspect to consider is how to make yours stand out, although there are a lot of other facets to think about as well, you definitely want to make sure your attendees take note of your fundraiser and remember it. With so many walkathons, marathons, charity events, and raffles or other community events happening each year, it can be tough to find a way to make yours seem unique.

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