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Trade Show Giveaways: An Exciting Guide to 6 Unique Gifts

For many companies, trade shows are one of the most important marketing events of the year. They’re not only a fantastic opportunity to meet and talk to a lot of people (some of them industry journalists and analysts, others prospective customers, partners, vendors or even investors) these events are often the place to showcase new products and services.

Besides the considerable amount of food and refreshments you can offer to attract people to your booth, there are a number of seriously cool giveaways guaranteed to capture the attention of convention-goers wandering past your stand. Here are some too cool to be true trade show giveaways that will have the folks manning the booth next to yours asking “why didn’t we think of that?”


Selfie StickSelfie Sticks

One of the niftiest inventions of the last decade, selfie sticks are also among the most controversial gifts on the market. Some people argue they’re pure narcissistic bait, while other see them as a handy way to record the friends and events that make life special. These arm’s length devices feature integrated cable or Bluetooth remote that simplify the process of taking a selfie – and the added length makes up for the fact that smartphones don’t yet have wide-angle lens functionality. A little pro graphics design and custom personalization means that visitors to your booth will have a chance to be reminded of your brand every time they snap themselves in front of a famous landmark, or side by side with family and friends. In other words you’ll be integrating your brand into perhaps hundreds of strongly positive memories. Think about the marketing power inherent in these associations. So don’t let the kids (and narcissists) have all the fun. Selfie sticks are creative trade show giveaways your guest would love to get their hands on. You can even help them get started by snapping a few pics right there on the floor.

 Trade Show Giveaway Ideas: 4 Things They’ll Actually Use

Speakers Speakers

Smartphones, tablets and other portable electronic devices are great – I mean, how did we ever live without them, right? Sadly, built in speakers are . . . less great. But there’s a wall-to-wall hi-fi solution at hand. Literally at hand. Portable speakers are trade show giveaways designed for those moments when you can’t carry your sophisticated sound system with you – which is most of the time – but still find yourself craving a less tiny sound for your favorite tunes.

Now you can pump up the jam at your booth - get the attention of your guests - and give them a set of their own for the road. You’ll be surprised how affordable high-quality audio can be these days. But the best thing about portable speakers is how you can personalize with your logo and business name so that your clients remember your brand even when they crank it to 11. As with the selfie stick, this is an opportunity to insert your company into a moment that’s charged with positive emotional energy – we know how much people love their music, and now you’re a part of that dynamic too.



There are moments you want (or need) to keep your music to yourself, and when this happens earbuds are the way to go. The best earbuds, of course, are those that come branded with your logo. Remember to give a set to your booth visitors as a thank you for taking the time to listen to your presentation. If they’re anything like me they’ll soon find themselves fishing for them – maybe even before they move on to another booth. Earbuds are great for focusing our concentration, and can transform the way we perceive our world by bringing harmony and peace through the power of music. Also, as a practical matter, the earbuds that come with your phone have cords that sort of flop around and get caught on everything in their way. Well, check these out – the retractable cords feed only as much line as you need, and minimize the risk of having the bud painfully ripped out of your ear.


Exercise BandsExercise Bands

Industry expos bring all your leading competitors to the floor. And a good way to separate yourself from other brands is by giving your visitors trade show giveaways they actually want to take home and use. For a lot of us it is important to stay health-focused, and exercise bands are fitness equipment that can be used no matter what the weather is like outside. No more excuses! Resistance workouts can be completed in the comfort of your own living room, and customized exercise bands are an effective way to give attendees some much-needed moral support. Exercise bands can be personalized with inspirational quotes, your logo design, motto, or all of the above. Remember, businesses and clients who train together, grow together.


Stadium CupsMood Stadium Cups

Reusable plastic stadium cups are fun, inexpensive promotional trade show giveaways that people always have uses for. But now they’re even cooler: they change color as you add cold drinks! You can get a set in a wide range of colors (to match your company’s visual identity) to pour your guests an icy beverage in the booth. Imagine the reaction when their cup turns red (or blue, or green, or pink . . .) Now you have their attention. Mood stadium cups are completely recyclable, sturdy, lightweight and easy to carry around, ideal for large events, and since they’re plastic, they’re ultra-safe. Everyone at the show is going to want one. In fact, they might want a couple extras to take back to the boss.


Stainless Steel knives Pocket Knife

Whether you’re thinking of the professional chefs attending your trade show event, or just those who like to be prepared for anything life throws at them - stainless steel knives are trusted and versatile trade show giveaways that just about anyone can use. Pocket knives, Swiss army knives, and block sets are the kind of items that everyone on the expo floor will want. Because of their durability and overall superior quality, stainless steel knives personalized with your logo indefinitely remind your customers of your brand. Knives are common household items that your guests (or ninjas) simply can’t do without.



Did you like these ideas, did you hate them; did you tell everyone you know about them? I know there’ve been times when you passed by a trade show booth and simply felt like just walking away. Maybe you weren’t interested in what they had to say, or you didn’t see anything you liked in their table. Many companies put a lot of thought and effort in their exhibitions. Please help us get the conversation going and tell us about other cool giveaway ideas we missed. Who knows, you may even win a trip to Fiji – but don’t quote me on that.


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