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5 Cold Weather Corporate Activities to Heat Up Your Team’s Creativity

Creativity runs dry when your team is in dire need of a break! There’s no better way to re-vamp the fuel behind what makes your business successful with an outing that engages your employees. After all, the colder season is about spending time with your peers and celebrating all you’ve accomplished, in and out of the office. The most common, rewarding activities you can do in a group include going out to dinner or having a happy hour, but working on creative strategies while having a good time is entirely possible! It’s a productive way to spend your time and allows you to bond with the people in your life who work hard to stay on top. This season, we encourage you try these fun group activities to heat up the group creativity:



1. Store Competition Walks

Competition runs high among competitors during the holiday season. Turn what is normally protocol into a fun way of learning about the marketplace by hosting a competition walk.  Make it one to remember by handing out personalized clipboards that have your business logo on them. Send your guests on a scavenger hunt for various items, providing them with clues that help them learn about fellow brands. Using the clipboard, they can take thoughtful notes and report back with their findings! Your peers will deeply appreciate having a smooth surface to write on as they walk around the store.

If you’d like to be a bit more adventurous with your gifting this year, include dependable ballpoint pens that can also be personalized with the graphic or message of your choice. The pens can be used for recording vital information as your coworkers navigate the floor.  Your team will be proud to represent your brand while learning about their competition!


2. Game Nightpersonalizedhoodies.jpg

Sometimes it’s just too cold to be outside in plunging temperatures. One great way to beat the winter blues is to host a game night for your employees, featuring only games that require any kind of timed answers or creative intuition. Teaming up your peers creates an environment where collaborative thinking must be implemented, and provides a space where creativity can bounce from idea to idea. 

To make the event a little brighter, provide your selected groups with personalized hoodies, embroidered with your very own corporate logo. To represent each team, you could provide them with different colored hoodies, or choose to differentiate everyone with a differently colored logo. If you’d rather provide your coworkers with a game they can take home, we recommend a multi-game set that can also be personalized with your business logo.  


customizedblankets.jpg3. Dessert and a Movie

Who doesn’t love sitting down to a great movie with something sweet to snack on? Invite your coworkers to see a great film and encourage them to discuss their feedback with the group. You can hold a movie “social” before or after the viewing, with coffee, tea and pastries to eat.

You can provide interesting discussion points such as the function of cinematography or trivia in the film. Bringing light to these kinds of thoughts will show you how creative your team can be! Make this gathering extra-special by providing everyone with customized mugs that they can all drink from and take home when they leave. The movie can be a bit cozier if you give your team blankets that are customized with your corporate logo. They’re a great giveaway during the winter-time and help promote your business effectively.



4. Cooking a Group Mealbookstand.jpg

Test your team’s patience and creativity by hosting a night where everyone gets together and creates a delicious course. Split the cost of supplies, if you please, by assigning members an ingredient to arrive with. As a thank-you for participating, give the gift of a personalized cutting board, great for beginner or advanced cooks alike. They can be customized with your business logo and come in a variety of bright colors everyone will love to show off.

During your event, encourage everyone to use their cutting boards if they’d like to! Smaller groups might enjoy a customized stand that can prop up a recipe book (or tablet!). Divide your group into smaller ones and assign a certain dish to each – your chefs will adore using a stand with your corporate logo on it!  


customizedbeanies.jpg5. Real-Life Scavenger Hunt

The Winter season is the time to get creative and practice team-building skills. If the weather permits, send your employees on an engaging chase to find a prize. You can differentiate all of your teams from each other with customized beanies or high-tech touchscreen gloves. Both are customizable with your corporate logo and most importantly, keep the cold from stopping the fun.

In the case that someone must use their smartphone for directions or reference, the touchscreen gloves allow the user to seamlessly operate their phone without removing anything! Apparel is an excellent way to effortlessly promote your business, with potential for daily use during the colder seasons.


Cold weather can often put a damper on outdoor activities, but it doesn't have to. There are plenty of fun and exciting corporate activities that can be enjoyed in the cold weather. From ice skating and hot cocoa bars to winter scavenger hunts and ski outings, there are many ways to bring your team together and have a blast in the cold.

Have more corporate ideas you'd like to share with us? Leave your comments in the section below, and don't forget to share with your friends.



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