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10 Custom Water Bottles to Inspire Ideas

10 Custom Water Bottles to Inspire Ideas

Your team completed a milestone on the road, or perhaps you’re soaked in sweat after a group workout promoting your brand-new gym or yoga studio. The one thing on everyone’s mind is a cool, hydrating drink and you hand them disposable water bottles. Take it from the ones who know, this isn’t exactly the best reward for their hard work.

Custom water bottles are one of the most frequently used promotional products, and if you’re reading now, it’s likely you’ve received a printed bottle at numerous giveaway events. While sports bottles serve a multitude of purposes, a key argument to personalizing your own is they’re perfect gifts you can extend to show your appreciation and promote team building, but also double as a marketing approach that extends beyond your event.

Available in many different materials and styles, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 custom water bottles to help inspire ideas and make your shopping experience easier.


The Qualities We Crave

1. Easy Squeeze Water Bottles

Sporting events like a 5K, a bike race or the opening ceremony of summer camp call for soft plastic water bottles. Although the twist lid and push top qualities are some of the more elemental assets you will find in a bottle, you can never go wrong with the basics. Plus, they’re lightweight and can be easily squeezed for a quick sip. Everyone appreciates a bottle they can reach for a sip to keep hydrated and stay in the game. More importantly, this style is one of the most cost-effective in the market.

Easy Squeese Water Bottles


2. Aluminum Water Bottles

Aluminum water bottles are as close as it gets to flasks in the world of water bottles. Sturdy and durable, they feature a sleek design that just stands apart from other promotional water bottles and most importantly, they are the number one competition to single-use plastic water bottles. They’re also easy to clean (dishwasher safe) so you don’t have to worry about residue and germs from continuous use and help keep their contents fresh for a longer time at outdoor events. Although aluminum water bottles can’t do the drinking for you, their design is visually inviting and will serve as encouragement to stay hydrated.

 Alumium Water Bottles


3. Glass Water Bottles

If you’re not a fan of plastic or aluminum, glass water bottles are the style for you. A hybrid between commodity and fashion, they’re glamorous accessories that will make their owners feel like a star. Select styles will include silicone sleeves and carrying straps to avoid slips and breakage. Glass is also one of heaven’s gifts and it will not interact with other materials or chemicals like BPA, making them the safest to store your hydrating drinks. Get inspired by this trend and order custom printed with a logo design or unique message to promote your cause.

Glass Water Bottles


4. Infuser Water Bottles

If you’re anything like me water alone just won’t do it and adding synthetic flavors to my daily routine is completely out of the question. Water bottles with infusers are a great way to stay hydrated and add fresh flavors to your water. Think strawberries, lemons, and orange and cucumber slices - mint leaves for the ones who like to live on the wild side, or a few tea bags for those who prefer a moment of Zen. A fresh dose of flavor and nutrients are sure to get your audience excited about the fit lifestyle. Personalize with your brand name and logo for a timeless promotional approach. It can help strengthen your business-client relationship.

Infuser Water Bottles


5. Shaker and Water Bottle Hybrid

If we’re really honest with ourselves, shaker bottles and cups are our best friends. Ideal containers for nutritional drinks, they pack a miracle mixing tool for delicious and smooth shakes or pre-workout powders.  Water bottle and shaker bottle hybrids are the best of both worlds. Whether a drinking spout or flip-up straw, they let you easily sip on the contents but also have larger openings so that you can conveniently add your favorite protein powder or pre-workout mix. The rad 2-in-1 shaker bottles are a great addition to a healthy routine, plus can get a whole room pumped-up for greatness when customized with an inspirational quote – add yours!

Shaker and Water Bottle Hybrid


6.Cola Shaped Water Bottles

The chic metallic finish on these cola shaped water bottles will cater to social media enthusiasts and fashionistas everywhere. Not only can they keep your drinks cold (they feature a double wall vacuum construction) but have a clean silhouette and retro design that will awaken the artist within. Sophisticated gifts for marketing conventions, team building outings and HR town-hall-meetings within your organization, these stainless-steel water bottles are sure to steal the show and leave your guests happy and satisfied – not to mention quenched.

Cola Shaped Water Bottles


Go Back to the Basics

7. Collapsible Water Bottles

Not a fan of bulky? Custom collapsible water bottles are trendy promotional items for walkathons and school functions. Their foldable structure allows for easy storage prior to the gathering and can be easily be put back in your accessories arsenal once your event has come to an end. Athletes love their weightless design and reusable feature.  A great way to memorialize an important milestone for your competitors, your can personalize with your event name, date and logo – they’ll be a flattering reminder of their accomplishments.

Foldable Water Bottles


8. Mood Water Bottles

Simple and practical, the complexion of mood water bottles changes when cold drinks are added. Their pliable material allows for a quick squeeze, and the fun colors will keep the attention of your crowd for plenty of water intake. Unique promotional products, mood water bottles are great back to school welcome gifts, field trip giveaways you can share with the whole class, or end of year parting goodies so your kids keep school thoughts close to their hearts. Anyone with a sense of humor will appreciate the color changing qualities on these custom water bottles.

Color Changing Water Bottles


9. Water Bottles with Cork Cap

Go back to basics with clear plastic water bottles, but add a fun twist that will get your audience interested in your promotional gifts. The wide opening allows for ice inserts to help keep your water cold longer and include a twist on cap with cork top for a fun accent that will set your personalized water bottles apart during trade shows or giveaways. These water bottles with cork cap also make great promo items for a gift shop and can be customized with your logo design to help instill your brand.

Plastic Water Bottles with Cork


10. Freezer Gel Water Bottles

Last but not least, these  freezer gel water bottles are a favorite because of their unique look and design. Made with durable Tritan plastic, they feature a double wall construction with non-toxic gel that freezes to accomplish a deep ice look and keep hydrating drinks cold longer. Store the water bottle in the freezer at least two hours before using, remove when gel is frozen, fill with your favorite drink and enjoy a frosty beverage on the go. If you like cold water these are the bottles for you.

Freezer Gel Water Bottles


Using water bottles as a promotional product will open windows of opportunity for your business. From company events, to summer camp, back to school and sporting events, races and much more. Your audience will appreciate personalized souvenirs they can use to show off their loyalty. Sports water bottles are available in many materials and designs, so never settle. Find the right one for your event and let us know in the comment section below how water bottles have helped grow your brand identity and reach.


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