Irish Coffee Mugs

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Different from traditional coffee cups, Irish Coffee mugs are great for morning coffees and even better for warm after-dinner drinks. Irish glass mugs are typically found in restaurants and up-scale bars, but are also great items to customize for personal events or parties.

More upscale than average coffee cups, Custom Irish Coffee Mugs are a great way to celebrate a fun evening with friends. While Irish coffee mugs are usually associated with Irish coffee, there is no reason that these beautiful and elegant mugs can’t be used on an everyday basis.

Irish coffee mugs differ from our traditional coffee mugs in a number of ways. First, they are not made out of ceramic or stainless steel like some of our other coffee mugs. Irish coffee mugs are made from clear glass. Because of this, the cup is fitted with a small handle so that the drinker doesn’t have to touch the hot glass when sipping. The foot at the bottom of some designs elevate it slightly and gives it an additional classy touch. Our Irish coffee cups have a unique and authentic Irish feel to them. The foot on the bottom of the cup makes them extra sturdy and since they are made from a thick, crystal glass they are durable and long lasting.

They are great for coffees, teas, lattes, and other warm beverages. Cold drinks are not usually served in Irish coffee mugs because of their smaller capacity. Plus, there is something so pleasing about sipping and winding down with a warm Irish mug in hand. But really, the best part about footed Irish coffee mugs is that they are synonymous with traditional hot, alcoholic drinks. While a coffee can be a great way to finish off an evening, some people prefer an Irish coffee. offers a wide range of Irish coffee mugs for you to choose from which are available in many color bases for you to choose from. They all feature an elegant translucent design that look great when customized with your logo. They are smaller than the average coffee cup, but have an unparalleled aesthetic appeal. Glass coffee mugs aren’t as popular as standard ceramic mugs, but they have the distinguishing factor of being very unique and exude elegance and flair. These coffee mugs stand out in the office and even at home because of their unique nature and beautiful design.


Our Custom Glass Coffee Mug have outstanding features like beautiful bases, smooth sides and over sized handles that make it easy to grip. The transparency looks great with printed logos on its front.

As a promotional gift, these Irish Coffee Mugs are great. The fact that a logo stands out so well with its transparent background means more people will be drawn to your company name. Its design also makes it great to have in restaurants or bars where greater value is placed on aesthetics. Clients, employees and co-workers alike will enjoy this quaint but elegant glass coffee mug.

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